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About Us

Your Ideal Partner for PV Plant Construction and Operation

Ennesa Power Sdn Bhd (ENNESA) is a company with it’s main business in the developmnet and operation of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Power Plants. ENNESA was incorporated in December 2014. We offer our clients effective and efficient planning and project management capabilities for turnkey solar system projects that we and our collaborative partners deliver throughout Asia Pacific. We are the developer and owner of 1 MW Solar PV 

Feed in Tariff quota from Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA), Malaysia under the Malaysian Feed-in Tariff Program.

We have the experience as well as the capability and highly skilled personnel to design, build and construct a utility scale Solar PV Power plant. The last project that we completed (through our associated company) was the design and build of a 2MW solar PV grid connected power plant located in Puchong Selangor. We delivered the project ahead of

time and it’s the flagship of our achievement.

We Build Your Dreams

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Design and Engineering 

Our design and engineering team is ready to provide a total solution so that you don't have to worry engaging other consultants. We have the experience and know-how to ensure a breeze process of the design and engineering development for your plant.


Site Construction and Management

Our site management and construction team comprise of the highly experienced and skilled personnel. We will ensure the site is performing according to schedule while adhering to the safety needs at a construction place.


Commissioning and Officials Engagement

A successful commissioning highly depends on the right engineering, design and construction activity. A team is dedicated to ensure all papers and documents to be endorsed by the relevant officials (EC, TNB, KETTHA) in order to certify a working plant.

Track Record


2 MW On Grid Solar Farm

October 2014 - December 2014

Ennesa Power (through an associate company, DZMan Technologies) lead this project since its initiation in early 2014. The project completed in less than 4 months (includes earth work and land clearing) and receives its Fit Commercial Date on April 2015. The 2 MW plant is owned by Solar System and Power Sdn Bhd.

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1 MW Building Integrated Photo Voltaic (BIPV) Solar Farm

January 2017 - June 2017

This plant is built and owned by Ennesa Power Sdn Bhd. It took 5 months to complete once the company completed the funding process. The farm is integrated with a dairy goat farm which is owned and manage by our JV Partner, Lembiru Livestock Sdn Bhd, an Australian based company. The solar farm will house to a more than 2000 heads of dairy goats once it run in its full capacity.



Dzul Hadzman Ahmad

Dzul Hadzman is a graduate of the University of Technology MARA Shah Alam obtaining a degree and diploma in Accountancy.
He started his career as an Admin and Finance Manager at Malaysian Graduate School of Management, Universiti Putra Malaysia an affiliate company with TR Industries Group. It’s on of the respective business school in Asia and rank 22 in the world. The job function is more on administration of the faculty staff , students and also the facilities. On the finance part, he’s more on creating budget, financing and also auditing.
In 2004, he joined Stella Gen Sdn Bhd, a biotechnology company focusing in the research, development and commercialisation of probiotics for poultry. He was the General Manager for Administration and Finance for 2 years and left the company to start his own business.
In 2006, He start his company DZMAN TECHNOLOGIES and the nature of business is in Extra Low Voltage System (CCTV, Alarm, Network and Data, Telephone System, Hi Tech Alarm System, Sound Reinforcement System, Public Address and I.T System). He had completed projects in KLIA MTB & Satellite, PNB (HQ), Tabung HAJI (HQ), POS MALAYSIA (HQ), PENANG AIRPORT,
In 2008, he started his own construction company and mainly engaged on ID renovation works, Food Grade & Biotech Facilities, Laboratory and also Steel Works ( Structures, Roofing and Trusses) . Some of the clients are FELDA Berhad, Anning Biotech, Sellagen Sdn Bhd, SajiBumi, Nuclear Malaysia (MINT), Airports Malaysia and others.
In 2011, he diversified to Solar and Renewable energy System where he had take the opportunity to explore in this new business. He had been given the opportunity to design and build a 2MW solar farm in Puchong and working closely with the clients and consultant he managed to complete the farm in 3 months. Seeing the Solar Business high prospect and potential he had established Ennesa Power Sdn Bhd to realize his objective to be one of solar industry player.


Nur Hilmy Ahmad

Nur Hilmy is a graduate of the University of Calgary, Canada obtaining a degree of Chemical Engineering. He is also a Competent Designer for Grid Connected Photovoltaic as recognised by the Malaysia Ministry of Green Energy.
He started his career as an Operation Engineer in Ethylene/Polyethylene (M) Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of PETRONAS, in 1998. He then joined Petronas Penapisan Melaka Sdn Bhd serving as a Process Technologist in its large and sophisticated Oil Refinery plant. During the 4-year spell at Petronas, he was given the responsibility to monitor and optimize the operation of a Hydrocracker Unit and Hydrogen Production Unit. His role as a Technologist is especially important during plant crisis where his immediate attention, analysis and rectification is required.
In 2004, he joined Stella Gen Sdn Bhd, a biotechnology company focusing in the research, development and commercialisation of probiotics for poultry. He was instrumental in the research and development of the process from lab scale to production scale. He designed and optimized the company’s RM 5 Million biotechnology plant in Batu Caves, Selangor. From his design and optimisation initiatives, the plant is now capable of producing an additional 10% from its original capacity (from 1100 Liters to 1250 Liters capacity).
He was also deeply involve in poultry commercial trials in order to validate the efficacy of probiotics that the company produced. To date, he has been in more than 20 commercial trials ranging from 450 birds to 300,000 birds. All these commercial trials were done according to their environment and were evaluated based on a statistical analysis.
In 2014, he started a consultation company on project management and engineering services. The company, Aremenh Ent, has served Petronas, Rider Hunt Inc. (oil and gas) and latest DZMAN Technologies Sdn Bhd which executing a 2 MW Solar Project in Puchong Getaway. His expertise managed to increase overall project efficiency of the project and was able to complete the whole project before the actual handover date. During this tenure, he has well exposed to the industry and decided to venture into this field. Then, Ennesa Power Sdn Bhd was established, to realize his objective to be one of solar industry player.

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